​Fire Damage Restoration

​Are you looking for a company that can restore damages brought about by fire? When your home or property has been damaged by fire, Urbandale Restoration can repair all the damages from start to finish. Our company handles the process of restoration with quick reconstructions during this harrowing time. Our professional, highly-experienced team can provide insurance assistance and hassle-free quotes to save you from having to go through any more stress. Whether you are dealing with commercial or residential, rest assured that we can handle projects of any size.

What is the process for fire damage restoration?

​Damages due to fire is an emergency. You need a service that can get there quickly, no matter what time of night or day it is. Remember that we can take your call, respond to all your inquiries and arrive at your location immediately. Our 24/7 answering services are available with open lines to serve you any time. When you need us to go and check your property at three o'clock in the morning, we can be there.

Step 1: Secure the property

Step 2: Assess the damage and create an estimate.

Step 3: Begin the restoration process