What Is Maximum Effective Resistance?

What is the maximum and minimum possible resistance can be obtained by combining 3 ohm resistors?

Maximum and minimum resistance is 9 and 1 ohm respectively.

All resistor are of same resistance , R = 3 ohm.

We know, equivalent resistance is maximum when all resistance are in series.

Therefore, maximum resistance , Also, equivalent resistance is minimum when all resistance are in parallel..

How do you find equivalent resistance?

SolutionThe equivalent resistance is the algebraic sum of the resistances (Equation 10.3. … The current through the circuit is the same for each resistor in a series circuit and is equal to the applied voltage divided by the equivalent resistance: I=VRS=9V90Ω=0.1A.More items…•

What is the effective resistance?

the resistance to an alternating current, expressed as the ratio of the power dissipated to the square of the effective current.

What is the effective resistance between A and B?

therefore the effective resistance between A and B is 10Ω

What is minimum effective resistance?

Minimum effective resistance will be when all the resistors are in parallel combination.

How should you connect the resistance to get the minimum resistance?

it Means, we can get minimum resistance when all the given resistors will join in parallel. And we can get maximum resistance when all the resistors will join in series . ∴ for finding minimum resistance , we have to join all resistors in parallel.

In which combination the value of current is maximum?

Answer: In series combination of resistance, resistors aid up and opposes the current. In parallel combination, equivalent resistance will be less therefore current drawn will be maximum. For maximum current, resistance should be as small as possible that is achieved by parallel combination.

What is maximum resistance?

It is know to us , combining resistances in parallel reduces equivalent resistance and combining resistances in series increases equivalent resistance. To get maximum possible resistance, one has to combine all 5 resistors in series. Rmax=R1+R2+R3+R4+R5. Rmax=R+R+R+R+R=5R.

What is the ratio of maximum to minimum resistance?

Hence, he ratio of the maximum to minimum resistance that can be obtained by combining them is n2.

What is a specific resistance?

Specific resistance is defined as the resistance offered per unit length and unit cross-sectional area when a known amount of voltage is applied.

What is the resistance between A and B in the following circuit?

Equivalent resistance between A and B, RAB=(RAE+1)∥2=2∥2=1Ω