What Are The 5 Levels Of Product?

What are the 4 classifications of products?

Consumer Product Classification There are four types of product classification — convenience goods, shopping goods, specialty products, and unsought goods..

What is a basic product?

basic products means products intended for export after processing into processed products or into goods; goods intended for export after processing shall also be regarded as basic products, Sample 2.

What are the levels of product and services?

The five product levels are:Core benefit: The fundamental need or want that consumers satisfy by consuming the product or service. … Generic product: … Expected product: … Augmented product: … Potential product:

What is core product example?

The core product satisfies the most basic need of the customer. For example, a consumer who purchases a healthy snack bar may be seeking health, convenience, or simply hunger relief. … The core product is complex because it is so individualized, and, often, vague.

What are the levels of a product?

There are four levels of a product (shown in the figure below): core, tangible, augmented, and promised. Each is important to understand in order to address the customer needs and offer the customer a complete experience.

What are the product levels with examples?

5 Product Levels with ExamplesCore Product. This is the product that adds the fundamental value to the consumer. … Basic Product. All the ingredients and other items which enable the the product to satisfy the core are together known as the basic product. … Expected Product. … Augmented Product. … Potential Product.

What are the three product levels?

Three levels of product are involved in any purchase. The levels of product include the core customer value, the actual product and the augmented product.

What are product layers?

A product has multiple layers: core, augmented, and symbolic. These three layers can help a small business owner understand the product features and benefits that will best deliver value to current and prospective customers. These layers also provide the bases for differentiating and positioning the product.

What are the three levels of customer service?

According to Andrew Gibson there are three main levels of customer service. They are the expected level, the desired level, and the unanticipated level.

What is Apple’s core product?

The core product of apple are actually the iPhones, with iPhone 6 plus being the latest model of the product. Other product lines include the MacBook Pro, the iPad, iPod, and the iWatch.

What are the types of product?

Types of Product – Goods, Services, Experiences, Convenience, Shopping, Specialty Goods, Industrial Goods and Consumer Goods.

What is the anatomy of a product?

Product anatomy is the analysis of a product according to the different benefits it offers. A product can be seen in terms of the benefits it offers to different buyers. Figure 2.1 shows the structure of a product in terms of different layers of benefits offered.