Question: Will I Get Full Refund For Waitlisted Ticket After Chart Preparation?

Can I travel with WL ticket?

You Can Travel with Waiting List Ticket Only if You Booked Tickets from Railway Counters or I-Ticket.

And if you have E-Ticket With Partially Confirmed or RAC are valid for Travelling.

As per Rules you Can not Travel with Waiting Tickets but Practically people with Waiting List tickets are Traveling..

Can I get refund if my Tatkal ticket is not confirmed?

If you have booked more than one Tatkal ticket, and the reservation hasn’t been confirmed, you are entitled to cancel and get the refund for everyone’s ticket, provided that you do so up to 30 minutes before your train’s scheduled departure time.

How much refund will I get after chart preparation?

E-tickets cannot be cancelled after chart preparation. No refund of fare shall be admissible on the ticket having confirmed reservation in case ticket is not cancelled or TDR (ticket deposit receipt) not filed online up to four hours before the scheduled departure of the train, according to the IRCTC website.

Will I get refund if I cancel TQWL ticket?

In case if you will cancel a TQWL tickets before the charting is done then also you will get full refund of the ticket price excluding the nominal clerkage charge of ₹60 per passenger is deducted by Indian Railways and remaining amount will refunded to you. … Deduction charge will depend on time the cancellation is done.

What happens if ticket is not confirmed after chart preparation?

In order to get a refund for a confirmed ticket after the chart has been prepared (that is, within 4 hours of the scheduled commencement of the journey), you have to file a TDR (Ticket Deposit Receipt).

Can I travel with waiting ticket in lockdown?

Since the reservation period for special trains has been kept at a maximum of seven days, travellers will be able to book waiting list tickets from May 15. However, there will be no RAC on these trains. … waiting list ticket shall be issued subject to maximum limits…,” the order said.

Is Tatkal ticket refundable?

For Tatkal Tickets Booked as e-Tickets: No refund will be granted on cancellation of confirmed Tatkal tickets. For contingent cancellation and waitlisted Tatkal ticket cancellations, charges will be deducted as per existing Railway rules. Partial cancellation of Tatkal e-tickets is allowed .

Is TQWL ticket will confirm?

Tatkal Waiting TQWL If tatkal ticket goes up, it directly gets confirmed and doesn’t go through RAC status unlike GNWL. During chart preparation, general waiting list (GNWL) is preferred over tatkal waiting list (TQWL) therefore tatkal waitlisted tickets are less likely to get confirmed.

When Should TDR be filed?

The TDR Refund will be processed as per Extant Railway Rules. TDR should be filed before or within 30 minutes of the Departure of Train. The refund process will take at-least 60 days and more.

Can I cancel my train ticket and get a refund?

Getting a refund and cancelling a ticket In the case of a return, the return portion may be refunded while still valid. A refund fee may apply. You can get a refund by returning your ticket to the place you purchased it. If this was a ticket office, you’ll need to complete a refund application form.

Will I get refund for waitlisted ticket after chart preparation?

Waitlisted e-Ticket(GNWL, PQWL, RLWL) on which status of all the passengers is on waiting list even after preparation of reservation charts, names of all such passengers booked on that Passenger Name Record (PNR) shall be dropped from the reservation chart and Refund of fare will be automatically credited in Bank …

Can we cancel WL ticket after chart preparation?

Yes, the tickets booked online by irctc website get cancelled automatically if all passengers on the ticket remain waitlisted even after preparation of chart. This is applicable for both general and tatkal quota. … Yes your ticket is confirmed as is mentioned in the current status field.

What is the cancellation charge of 3ac waiting ticket?

180 for AC 3 Tier/AC Chair car/ AC 3 Economy, Rs. 120/- for Sleeper Class and Rs. 60/- for Second Class. Cancellation charges are per passenger.

Can I cancel train ticket before 1 hour?

If you cancel a confirm ticket between 12 hours and up to four hours before the scheduled departure of the train, cancellation charges will be 50 per cent of the fare paid (subject to the minimum cancellation rate). As per IRCTC website, tickets booked online (E-tickets) cannot be cancelled after the chart is prepared.

What if I don’t cancel waiting list ticket?

In case of Passenger Reservation System (PRS) or Counter Ticket, you have to go to your nearest PRS Counter for it’s cancellation and you will get your money back from there. If the waitlisted ticket is confirmed after chart prepation then you will not get any refund.