Question: Whats Omo Iya Mean?

What does Iya mean in texting?

iya : In your ass..

What does Kilowa mean?

what do you have for meKilowa means “what is happening”/ “what do you have for me”, but literally it translate to “what is available”.

What does Omo mean Nigerian?

Omo is a Yoruba word (Yoruba is one of the three main languages/ethnic groupings in Nigeria) and it means child. However, it could also mean “girl” (a young lady) especially a beautiful one when used as slang.

What does Omo Aye mean in Nigerian?

“Omo” (oh-moh) means “child” in Yoruba, and “aye” (ah-yay) means world.

What is Iya in Japanese?

いえ ie: house. いや iya: no (less polite) ううん uun: oh, no (less polite, colloquial)

What language is Omo Iya?

SpanishOmo iya mi | Spanish Translator.