Question: What Is Inductance Used For?

How is inductance value calculated?

Calculate the inductance using the following formula: Inductance = µ (N squared) A / length, where N is the number of turns in the coil, A is the cross-sectional area of the coil, and length is the length of the coil..

Does inductance depend on frequency?

The inductance of an inductor depends upon its construction and is a constant for a given inductor. In other terms, the inductance of the inductor is a constant and does not depend on the current or on the frequency.

What is an inductor used for?

Inductors are used as the energy storage device in many switched-mode power supplies to produce DC current. The inductor supplies energy to the circuit to keep current flowing during the “off” switching periods and enables topographies where the output voltage is higher than the input voltage.

What is inductance in a circuit?

In electromagnetism and electronics, inductance is the tendency of an electrical conductor to oppose a change in the electric current flowing through it. … An electronic component designed to add inductance to a circuit is called an inductor. It typically consists of a coil or helix of wire.

What causes inductance?

Inductance is caused by the magnetic field generated by electric currents flowing within an electrical circuit. Typically coils of wire are used as a coil increases the coupling of the magnetic field and increases the effect.

What is inductor in simple words?

An inductor, also called a coil, choke, or reactor, is a passive two-terminal electrical component that stores energy in a magnetic field when electric current flows through it. An inductor typically consists of an insulated wire wound into a coil.

Is inductance a function of frequency?

The inductive reactance of an inductor increases as the frequency across it increases therefore inductive reactance is proportional to frequency ( XL α ƒ ) as the back emf generated in the inductor is equal to its inductance multiplied by the rate of change of current in the inductor.

How does an inductor work?

An inductor is a passive electronic component which is capable of storing electrical energy in the form of magnetic energy. Basically, it uses a conductor that is wound into a coil, and when electricity flows into the coil from the left to the right, this will generate a magnetic field in the clockwise direction.

What is the difference between inductance and impedance?

The opposition offered to the flow of current in an AC circuit because of resistance, capacitance and inductance is known as Impedance. Resistance occurs in both AC and DC circuit, whereas Impedance takes place only in an AC circuit. … Resistance is denoted by (R) whereas impedance by (Z).

What is difference between inductance and capacitance?

Capacitance, as we now know, is the ability to store energy in the form of an electric field. Inductance, which is measured in henries and denoted by the letter L, is the ability to store energy in the form of a magnetic field.

Where is self inductance used?

The applications of self-inductance include the following.Tuning circuits.Inductors used as relays.Sensors.Ferrite beads.Store energy in a device.Chokes.Induction motors.Filters.More items…