Question: What Is Difference Between PL And CL?

What is full form PL?


is sometimes used as a written abbreviation for please.

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What is PL salary?

PL means privilege Leave also called as Earned Leave.

What does CL mean at work?

Casual LeaveCL means Casual Leave – These are the leave which employee can anytime during their service years and it is not carried forward. This leave are also not paid to the employees. Maximum the employees can take 1 leave per month.

Do we get paid for casual leave?

Casual employees are entitled to: a higher pay rate than equivalent full-time or part-time employees. This is called a ‘casual loading’ and is paid because they don’t get benefits such as sick or annual leave. 2 days unpaid carer’s leave and 2 days unpaid compassionate leave per occasion.

How many CL can I take at once?

Casual Leave can be taken for minimum 0.5 to maximum 3 days. In case of more than 3 days leave, it should be taken as Earned/Privileged Leave. If taking 3 leaves together Need to apply before. There are no casual leave carry-forwards.

Is prior permission required for casual leave?

(ii) Prior permission for Casual leave on account of anticipated causes shall be taken. (iii) Absence in anticipation of sanction will be condoned only if the necessity for the leave could not have been foreseen.

Can CL and Rh be taken together?

(a) RH can be mid-fixed between Casual Leave, as CL is not a recognized form of leave. (b) However, RH cannot be mid-fixed or sandwiched between two spells of any kind of regular leave viz. EL but can only be prefixed or suffixed.

Is CL a paid leave?

Casual Leave Rules Casual Leave or CL is granted to an eligible employee if they cannot report to work due to an unforeseen situation. … Further, the employee should seek prior permission before availing this type of leave. Casual leaves are paid for by the employer.

Is salary deducted for casual leave?

3 In a single instance, either Casual Leave or Sick Leave can be availed, beyond the limit PL, if any, will be adjusted. If PL not in balance, deduction will made from salary. … 6 Repeatition of Leave around the Holidays & W/Off, is allowed only against prior approval, as per norms, from the HOD.

How do you write casual leave?

I am writing to you to let you know that I have an important personal matter to attend at my hometown due to which I will not be able to come to the office from {start date} to {end date}. I have discussed and delegated my tasks to {person’s name} & have instructed them to call me for any help during my absence.

Can CL be clubbed with medical leave?

CL can be combined with Special Casual Leave/Vacation/Restricted Holidays but not with any other kind of leave. iii. Saturdays, Sundays, restricted holiday and holidays, whether intervening, prefixed or suffixed, shall not be counted as Casual Leave.

What is the meaning of PL and CL?

Casual Leave (CL) Maternity Leave (ML) Paternity Leave (PL) Rules for Private & Govt Employees. V FOR VINNOVATIVE. V FOR VINNOVATIVE. • 60K views 1 year ago.

What is CL and PL leave?

Similarly minimum seven days casual leave and 14 days sick leave is provided to employees. Earned leaves/ Privilege leaves : These are the leaves which are earned in the previous year and enjoyed in the preceding years. … In case of casual leave normally company’s strict maximum to 3 days in a month.

Can CL and PL be combined?

It can be availed in combination with any other leave except CL. It can be availed only on the grounds of sickness. PL is calculated at the rate of one day for every 11 days of active service. … In the case of Officers PL under Medical grounds can be availed even for 1 day.

What is CL in government job?

Casual Leave (CL) – Casual leave is provided to government employees for attending to emergencies or unforeseen tasks. Currently, a Central Government employee is offered 8 days CL in a calendar year.