Question: Is Wayanad Better Or Munnar?

What is wayanad special?

Wayanad is unique in that it is situated in an elevated picturesque mountainous plateau in the Western Ghats.

The vast stretches of mist – capped mountains, green meadows of valleys, white water springs, blue water lakes and wild forests express the splendid natural beauty of Wayanad..

What is the best time to visit Munnar?

Be it winter, summer or monsoon, Munnar is equally beautiful and as thrilling. So, what is the best time to visit Munnar?…Best Season to Visit Munnar.Travel SeasonsMin/Max TemperatureSeasonJuly to September23-34°CMonsoon – Mid-high rainfallNovember to February10-28°CWinter – Cold1 more row

Is Munnar worth visiting?

Munnar is definitely worth the trip. … A very popular tourist attraction in Munnar, Tata Tea Museum is located around 2 km from Munnar in Nallathanni Estate of Tata Tea.

What is the best time to visit Wayanad?

October to May is the best time to visit Wayanad. The times in between December to February are much cooler than the other months of the year with downfall of temperature up to 10°C. Thus many travelers choose this duration as the best season to visit Wayanad.

Which is the best area to stay in Wayanad?

10 jaw-droppingly gorgeous places to stay in WayanadWindflower Resort and Spa Vythiri, Vythiri. Photo: Windflower Resort and Spa. … Lakerose Wayanad, Kalpetta. Photo: Lakerose Wayanad. … Vythiri Village, Vythiri. Photo: Vythiri Village. … Wayanad Village Resort, Thondernad. Photo: Wayanad Village Resort. … After The Rains, Meppadi. … Chateau Woods Wayanad. … Airbnb Wayanad, Kalpetta.

Is it safe to visit Wayanad now 2020?

2019 rain affected Malappuram and Wayanad district. There were landslides and but it is not affected any of the tourist destinations. As of today its vey sunny and life is normal. Now its safe to travel.

How is the climate in Wayanad?

Partly cloudy. High 29ºC. Winds NE and variable.

How far is Wayanad from Bangalore?

about 282.7 kilometersThe distance between Bangalore and Wayanad is about 282.7 kilometers and will just take a slow overnight journey.

Which is better Coorg or Wayanad?

The only difference is that Coorg is in Karnataka, and Wayanad is in Kerala. Coorg is well known for the coffee and spice plantations, while Wayanad is known for its beautiful peaks like Banasura, Chembra, and Brahmagiri. Both locations have beautiful waterfalls as well.

Is 2 days enough for Munnar?

2 days in Munnar is recommended. Hi, 3Days required for Munnar sight seen. covering these tourist spots, boating at Kundala, it will take one day.

Which is better Munnar or Thekkady?

There is one smaller trek of 5 Kms with some bamboo rafting which is less strenuous and a night trek (for insects). Munnar is definately far more beautiful but there was not much wildlife. So Munnar for sightseeing, relaxing and smaller treks or Thekkady for a more demanding/ off beat trek.

Why is wayanad famous?

Adorning the northern hills of Kerala is the beautiful district of Wayanad, maintained by the Wayanad Tourism Organization (WTO). This area is famous for its large amount of camping and trekking trails, breathtaking waterfalls, caves, bird watching sites, flora, fauna and an overall plethora of magnificent sights.

What is wayanad famous for purchase?

Some of the other things to buy in Wayanad include spices, coffee, tea, bamboo articles, native craft, honey, and herbal plants. The handicraft and handloom products are very beautiful as are the garments, textiles, and furniture that are available in the markets of Wayanad.

Which is better Munnar or Vagamon?

Vagamon can be cover either as a single day trip or as a one night stay trip or you can stay more nights to relax your body and mind. We have done all these, the latest one was a 3D/ 2N stay. It is less crowded when compared to places like Munnar. Lot of hills are there with very scenic view.

Which is the best location to stay in Munnar?

Pallivasal chithirapuramThere are many resorts in Munnar according to your budget you can choose. I personally suggested to u the best place for the stay in Munnar is Pallivasal chithirapuram (the most scenic location in Munnar,) the benefit is u can enjoy The tea panoramic plantation views great from the hotel rooms.