How Do You Say Nollaig Shona Duit?

What is the best message for Christmas?

General”Merry Christmas.

“Wishing you a Christmas that’s merry and bright!””We hope you have a safe and relaxing holiday season.””I hope your holiday season is full of peace, joy, and happiness.””Merry Christmas with lots of love.””I hope your Christmas is filled with joy this year!””Happy Holidays!More items…•.

How do you say nollaig?

You use Nollaig shona duit when speaking to one person and daoibh when speaking to more than one. For those of you who are unsure how you’d pronounce such unfamiliar-looking words, here’s the closest English pronunciation: null-ig ho-nuh ghwich and null-ig ho-nuh jeev.

How do the Irish say Merry Christmas?

Nollaig shona dhuitHere’s how to say Happy Christmas in Irish. Nollaig shona dhuit! = Happy Christmas!/Merry Christmas!

How do you say Happy Christmas?

The basicsMerry Christmas.Happy Hanukkah.Joyous Kwanzaa.Yuletide Greetings.Happy holidays.Joyeux Noël.Feliz Navidad.Seasons Greetings.More items…•

What does nollaig FAOI Shean is FAOI shonas duit mean?

Nollaig Faoi Shéan is Faoi Shonas Duit/Daoibh (NULL-eg fwee hayn iss fwee HUH-nuhss ditch/DEE-iv): “A Prosperous and Happy Christmas to You.”

What does nollaig mean in English?

Meaning of the Irish name Nollaig. … MEANING: Used for both male and female it is the Irish word for Christmas, as in Noel or Noelle.

How do you write a Christmas card in Irish?

“Nollaig Shona agus Athbhliain faoi Mhaise Duit.” (NO-lihg HO-nuh AH-guhs AH-vlee-ihn fwee WAH-shuh wich). Le gach dea-ghui i gcomhair na nollag agus na h-ath bhliana! (With Best Wishes for Christmas and the New Year!)

How do you say Merry Christmas to a guy you like?

“Hi, Merry Christmas and a happy new year. Hope you have a terrific holiday and all the best.” Something along those lines and nothing more . Whether you want to send a card , text message or say it in person is up to you. Just don’t over do it with the card, don’t be romantic or anything.